“A Chord Study Suggestion…”

When I was studying guitar out of the Mel Bay Guitar Method books, back in the eighties, I noticed that his guitar studies follow a familiar path which includes various ways of going up and down the major and minor scales, open-position and closed and… I also noticed, especially in books 3 through 7 that the “Harmonized Scale” was used a lot as a way of learning and studying how chords are related to the major or minor scale in question and… how they progress, climbing up or descending down the neck…

I found it to be particularly helpful in finding the probable (most likely) chords in any key and the fact that the Harmonized Scale also has a progressive, smooth sound to the way the chords progress going up or down…

The Harmonized Scale makes great sense to your ears as you hear the chords pass by…

In my opinion, it’s much more conducive to study than a ‘chord encyclopedia’ or most chord books in general (even though they are great and necessary for reference when studying).

So, when you’re out to learn something new, yet familiar to the ear, look up Harmonized Scale in Wikipedia or somewhere else on line and see what you learn!

That’s all for now…

Tom Arri, alias BanjoTom2

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