Happy Birthday – Performance…

There’s a fellow around Farmington, MO that likes to hire me to show up at local restaurants and play ‘Happy Birthday’ for his daughter, wife, various relatives… Whomever is in town and having a birthday…

He originally hired me to play it on the fiddle, so that’s what we stick with and it works well.

I approach the table unannounced in dress shirt and tie and proceed to play Happy Birthday.

The table receiving the music gift always applaud, but so does ALL THE REST OF THE RESTAURANT!

Today, I was supposed to walk into the Pasta House Company Italian restaurant and play.

As soon as I walked through the door, the fellow who hired me walked up and met me and told me the plans had changed unexpectedly, but that he would still pay me.

All good…

Then the waitress sat me at the table next to he and his wife.

He had an idea.

Since he was paying me anyway, he would get the maitre de (sp?) to find someone, anyone in the restaurant who was having a birthday…

He assigned a waiter to lead me to the table in question.

When I got back there, it turned out to be a 7 year old girl and her 80-ish grandma…

BOTH celebrating their birthdays on the same day!

So, here we go!

I played the tune, got the same response as always…

They were happy and it was fun.

Then I went back to my table to eat.

At some point, a different family who had been back in that part of the restaurant was coming up to pay and leave.

As they went by, one boy and girl after another said, “Good job on the violin, Mister!”…

Like 5 or six times in a row…

All kids 12 and under…

Now THAT made MY day!

To anyone out there in banjoland…

Happy Birthday!



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