Thank You!

I want to thank those of you who have supported the recent change in BanjoTom2.ORG to a ‘partial’ e-commerce site, by putting in a few orders.

Your support is greatly appreciated…

Compared to a forum site, a blog site is kind of boring, meaning you work by yourself and only occasionally hear from people… Passing comments, you know… All good on that, I appreciate those passing comments!

However, for me, the partial e-commerce site causes me to have to pay attention more to my e-mails, etc., so orders don’t sit there. And… filling those orders is one way of interacting with customers and visitors to BanjoTom2.ORG.

Once again, I thank you who have supported this site and thanks to everyone else who simply take a moment of their day to spend some time browsing my crazy banjo tabs!

PS: As an adjunct to what I do here, I have started arranging and posting my mandolin arrangements to the tab archive on the Banjo Hangout’s sister site, the MandoHangout.

If you like mandolin as well as banjo, I have posted 88 arrangements there for mandolin and plan to post hundreds more as time passes and time allows…

Thanks again,

Tom Arri, alias BanjoTom2

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2 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Tom, I was looking for a banjo tab site for “Gallows pole” by Led zeppelin when I found yours.
    I am wondering, before I purchase the whole category of Zeppelin songs can I hear one to be sure its what I’m looking for?

    • BanjoTom2 says:

      Dan, I just posted “Gallows Pole” – by Zep to the BJT2 site. You won’t need to purchase it at all… Enjoy, Tom

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