Reorganization of Tabs/Pages…

In the past, as I produced new tabs, each new tab would have a page of its own.

Now that I have the ability to put tabs in folders and post the entire folder at once, making all tabs in that folder available immediately and simultaneously, I am deleting individual tab pages.

This will reduce the size of the ‘blackboard’ where all BJT2 pages are listed.

I have already gone a long way towards accomplishing this goal by updating the “A through Z” GoogleDrive pages (at the bottom of the Blackboard).

So, if you are looking for a song whose name begins with “A”, look on the “A – GoogleDrive – 2018” page at the bottom of the Blackboard… You’ll be able to scroll through the file folder and see what all is available quickly in addition to the specific tab you’re looking for.

Thank you for your support,



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