Making Good Progress (GoogleDrive)…

Since I made the decision to switch my cloud storage and tab linking to GoogleDrive, I have made appreciable progress and very quickly.

Ultimately, a public-service site such as this needs to be very easy to use for those folks who choose to patronize it. Anything that slows down or inhibits a BJT2 patron from quickly accessing the tabs they are interested in, is counter-productive and must be replaced immediately with a faster and more efficient means of storing and providing public links to the available tabs.

As such, GoogleDrive has proven to be the right choice for this site.

Because GoogleDrive provides the ability for me to make entire folders of tabs available simultaneously, it has saved me an enormous amount of work. Massive amounts of time are spent public-linking tabs to BJT2 and posting an entire folder at once is so quick and efficient by comparison to posting all links individually, it still amazes me.

Originally, I predicted that February 1st, 2018, would be the date by which I would be done re-linking the tabs on this site, however, I may have it done by January 1st, because it is going so well, so smoothly.

I appreciate your patience while I continue on in my efforts to make my BJT2 banjo tab site a success for its patrons.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!



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