Pushing, Pushing, Pushing!

I’ve spent many hours transferring my banjo arrangements from one cloud account to another and then re-linking the banjo arrangement files back to the pages here on BJT2.

I hope I never have to do this again as it is already the second time in a year and it is an enormous task….

Having said all of that, I am indeed making progress… I am now working through the “T’s” and I can see the end of the main effort within a week or two.

After that, it will just be small details here and there…

GoogleDrive has opened up a great opportunity for me to share my banjo arrangements to the banjo-playing world…

And I am using the opportunity to do exactly that…

So, please continue to bear with me while I finish up this time-consuming project.

PS: I noticed along the way, as I checked that each new link worked as intended, that there are many, many, many TEF files that don’t have PDFs associated with them.

Apparently, the PDF form is a requirement and very popular with a lot of people.

I have had great success with “CutePDF”. It has been far easier to use than even Microsoft’s own product. Once installed on your PC, you can open up any TEF file and ‘print to’ CutePDF and it will make the PDF for you, efficiently and quickly.


There are thousands upon thousands of TEF files in my collection and it will take forever to get through all of them to make PDFs. So, if you can, please try to make your own PDFs via the above method. I will continue to make PDFs here and there as time allows.

Also, don’t forget the amazing benefits of hearing the TEF files being played through Tabledit or it’s FREE sister program “TEFVIEW”… Hearing an arrangement through TEFView is, in my opinion, the greatest proof that the arrangement works. If you can’t HEAR it, how will you ever know? Everyone and their brother these days is making and posting arrangements to the web in various forms. Use the same tools the experts use, Tabedit, TEFView and CutePDF Writer and you will have the tools you need to succeed in the easiest and most efficient way!

Tabledit.com – CLICK HERE…

Thanks for listening!



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