Jesus is the REASON for the Season!

We’ve all heard the name Jesus…

We’ve all heard of Easter…

Jesus IS the Son of God, the creator of the world we live in, the universe and… US!

Jesus is also the SAVIOR of all who believe in Him, all who accept Him as their savior.

If you have read your Bible, you have learned that acceptance of Jesus Christ as your savior is the ONLY way you will be saved when the end of this world comes about.

There is no other way.

Bible prophecy predicts by events occurring in the world around us, the coming of the end of the world as we know it. The events predicted in the Bible (God’s Word) are occurring right before our eyes at an alarming rate. Those who are educated in Bible prophecy can see it coming. Those who cannot see it, by virtue of lack of education, will be taken by surprise…

Now would be a great time for you to find out who Jesus really is and how He can save you and your family from the end times events that are unfolding around us every day…


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