Congestive Heart Failure…

For the last 11+ years, I have been dealing with a genetic congestive heart failure issue…

During that time, it’s been managed very well by various medicines…

But, about 6 weeks ago, I started noticing a dramatic shortness of breath that was getting worse as the weeks passed by…

Last Friday, at about 2:00 in the morning, I was having trouble breathing and decided to go to the ER at a nearby hospital…

I was taken directly into an ER room by the evening crew and they began their work.

I was experiencing atrial fibrillation which meant my heart was racing at close to 3 times the normal speed and was unable to pump oxygenated blood…

The fix?

The doc said they would have to shock the heart to stop it (the heart), then shock it again to re-set it to a normal rhythm (paddles)…

He said they’d give me some medicine to knock me out and I wouldn’t remember a thing…

They did just that and it worked…

Had a couple of days, Saturday and Sunday in the hospital to get poked and prodded and stuck with needles, but it was tolerable…

Everyone at the hospital was very professional and friendly…

A friend brought my computer so I could read the news and play Pacman

By Sunday, I was more than ready to come home!

I drove myself back home, took a hot shower and slept like a log for close to 4 hours…

A few more meds added to my former regimen and everything is back to normal…

The folks at Parkland Hospital in Farmington, MO were very professional and a very friendly group of people to deal with.

That’s it…



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7 Responses to Congestive Heart Failure…

  1. KC Bade says:

    God Bless You, Tom. Please don’t go anywhere.

  2. Jack says:

    My thoughts are with you. God bless you and protect you.

  3. MD says:

    Keep making good recovery Tom! Heart stuff is no fun! Take good care and thanks for all the music you have blessed us with!!!

    Best, Morena

    On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 11:58 PM, BanjoTom2.Org – Banjo Tablatures… wrote:

    > banjotom2 posted: “For the last 11+ years, I have been dealing with a > congestive heart failure issue that is congenital, i.e., passed from > individual to individual through genes… For the last 11 years, it’s been > managed very well by various medicines… But, about 6 wee” >

  4. Prayers for you and the medical community, they can do miracles. Hope you feel better, heal quickly, and keep on “pickin”.
    Dave B. in Dunnellon Fla.

  5. hastuurman says:

    Take care Tom! That must have been a frightening experience. All the best to you!

  6. Sadie Maynard says:

    Hey Tom,

    I am sorry to hear this news concerning your health. I hope your doing better and taking it easy. I know having an health issue like this is always no picnic. I’m glad you were treated well at the ER, Prayers on the way to you today and everyday, my dear friend.

    Thank you for all you have done with your site also. I have learned so much from your talents and your artistic cartoons are absolutely beautiful. Take care yourself. Have a blessed day.

    Your Dear Friend,

  7. Saunders Ernst says:

    Glad to hear you’re better! Again, thank you for all your devotedness to the cause of us wannabe banjo people! God bless!

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