Shop Online at Banjo Ben Clark!

I decided to shop for my gal online this year.

I got a promotional e-mail or two from Banjo Ben Clark, so I decided to shop with a ‘banjo brother!”

I got Janie the Purple Hulls’ “A Christmas Album” and…

A bar of ‘Bath Barn Goat Milk Soap’ with a banjo on it…

Goat Milk Bath Barn Soap

Janie and I listened to the album on Christmas day several times and we both love it!

Ben’s sisters (and he too, of course) are extraordinarily musically talented folks…

Needless to say, Janie and I were both very impressed with their singing and playing…

It’s a great album and Janie and I highly recommend it…

Janie loves the banjo soap!

Banjo Ben Clark and his site have my endorsement as a great place to shop online for the musician’s and pickers in your life…

The quick service was excellent…

Banjo Ben Clark’s online store – CLICK HERE…

Thanks Banjo Ben!

Tom Arri, alias BanjoTom2

Purple Hulls Xmas CD Xmas CD Back

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