“The Three-Legged Chicken” – Joke – 2019

A fellow is driving down the road about 45 mph, when a chicken running on the road, passes him.

The fellow speeds up a little and starts to catch up with the chicken, when the chicken takes off and leaves him in the dust.

The fellow speeds up to about 60 mph and catches up with the chicken.

The chicken hits it once more and leaves the fellow and his car way behind.

The fellow can still see the chicken who slows down and turns right, onto a road.

The fellow in the car follows him.

The chicken pulls into a barnyard and disappears.

There’s a farmer standing there, so the fellow in the car asks the farmer, “Did you just see a three-legged chicken pass through here?”…

“Yes”, the farmer replied, “I raise them with three legs”…

The fellow in the car then asks, “Why do you want a chicken with three legs?”…

“Well…” say the farmer, “I really enjoy the drum stick and ma likes the drum stick, too.”…

“And”, continues the farmer, “Now, that we have, Junior, he likes the drum stick also”…

“Well, I’ll be darned”, replied the fellow in the car.

“How does a three legged chicken taste?”…

“I don’t know”, says the farmer, “I haven’t been able to catch one yet!”…


(Borrowed this joke from a Ronald Regan video on YouTube)…

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