“The Mouse” – Poetic Verse – BJT2

I am a mouse, down by your toes,

I”ll tickle your feet with my whiskered nose,

I found you asleep and in repose,

So, I snuck around quietly, as I chose…

I used my tail to tickle your ear,

You barely moved, not awake, I fear…

I did it so cleverly and with such ease,

I nibbled on another piece of cheese…

A little barn mouse under your warm, soft bed…

Not to harm a hair on your head…

Sometimes we mice just get a bad rap,

Always beware of the spring-loaded trap…

So now I must leave you, before you awake,

Careful not your bed to shake…

I used your hair, so long for rope,

To slide down to safety, my final hope…

The Mouse – Tom Arri – 3/27/2019

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