“Squirrels in the Church House” – Joke…

There was a small church, way out in the country.

They had a problem with squirrels.

Every Sunday when the regular parishioners showed up for service, the church was full of squirrels. The squirrels chewed up the carpet, the Hymnals, the tapestries, etc. They made a mess out of the place.

The parishioners called a meeting on how to deal with the squirrels.

During the week, a farmer and member in good standing, brought in traps and caught all the squirrels. He took them out much further in the country and let them go.

The next week, the squirrels were back again. Only this time there were that many more. Chewing everything they could get their teeth on and making a grand mess.

The farmer came in again, trapped all of the squirrels and took them clean to the next county. Surely, they would be rid of the pesky squirrels then.

The next week on Sunday, the darned squirrels were back again and now even more of them.

Finally, the Pastor of the church had an idea.

He held a special service for all of the squirrels!

And oh, what a service that was!

He preached to the squirrels, brought them to the Lord, and baptized every one of them and made them members of the church…

The Pastor’s plan worked!

From that point on, most of the squirrels quit showing up and the rest would only show up on Christmas and Easter…

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