“Flag Fiddle” – NEW! – 2019

About a month ago, I brought home a new fiddle I’d purchased in January of this year (2019) from Music Maker’s in Farmington, MO. It was a step-up from the bottom of their economy-line fiddles. I liked the way it looked and played… It’s a Palatino, if I’m not mistaken. At any rate, 3 weeks ago, I got the wild idea to paint an American flag on the back side of the fiddle…

This weekend, I managed to start afresh, painting the blue starfield, adding more colors than blue to give it texture and depth. I let that sit, as the acrylic paint dries very quickly. Then, I did the stripe field. I painted it opaque white, then after it dried a bit, I added other colors to it for the same reason, depth, texture, etc. Later I began the stars on the star field. I’d paint 5 of them, let them dry and come back again and again til they were all there.

Finally, I added the red stripes. I haven’t clear coated it yet, but that’s probably going to be next weekend, or later this week. See what you think:

Flag Fiddle - April - 2019

I did the case for the above fiddle last year (before I bought the fiddle!)…

Flag Case - 2018Fiddle Face with Flag - 2019

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