Recently, I took a white Telecaster-style electric guitar and converted it to an electric banjo by making fairly simple-to-do changes to the neck only.

Last night, I did a little more by adding some ‘flames’, via a tube of black T-shirt paint.

It ain’t quite perfect, but this is my first effort at such a conversion and so far I’m happy with it…

I also found that it makes a PERFECT ‘practice’ banjo for those times when you don’t want to wake people from their sleep. Unplugged, it is THE quietest banjo on the planet!

Secondarily, because of the super-low action, you can’t wear picks while playing this instrument. They will clang and constantly bang into the face of the instrument. I have fingernails for playing classical and steel string guitar fingerstyle, so I pick this electric banjo with fingernails and it works perfect that way.

In the process of this project, I have been doing more and more research and, just moments ago, found a web site devoted to electric banjos:

“ElectricBanjo.com” – CLICK HERE…

2019-09-01 20.52.28  2019-09-11 22.42.29

2019-09-11 22.42.18 Electric Tele-Jo and ME (PRE-Flames)

Tom (9/12/2019)

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