“Good Old Boy” (For the Love of Dogs!) – 2019

North of Ironton, Missouri - 2019

North of Ironton, Missouri – 2019

Not far from where I live, there is a 3-way intersection.

At that intersection, nearly every day around lunch time, you will find a good old hound dog there, ‘working’ the intersection.

He waits for (and gets) hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, French fries and brats.

His owner lives right on the corner there and swears he feeds his dogs well, but this one learned the art of begging from his mamma. She would lay in the intersection and wait for food, sitting right in the middle of lanes and dang! if it doesn’t work EVERY TIME!

Like mamma, like puppy!

I took this picture with my cell phone one day recently…

I love dogs and this one is a character!

Tom, 10/19/2019)

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