“Intermittent, Syncopated Pinching” – NEW! – 2019

I’ve been hearing a ‘lick’ in my head that was centered around some very rhythmic, pinched 2-stop chords. I don’t know why this never occurred to me before, but it kept coming back, coming back… Every time I’m driving or trying to sleep, it would come back yet again… Tonight, I figured it out and how it should look/sound in tablature, so here is a tune I made up based on the form of Dueling Banjos (the jam part) and also Bugle Call Rag… Without further adieu, “Lonesome Pony” – Tom

  1. Lonesome PonyBJT2 (Featuring “Intermittent, Syncopated Pinching” )…

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NEW! Banner by Sam Alfano. NEW!

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