“You Angel You” – Bob Dylan (Performed by the Manfred Mann Earth Band) – BANJO & MANDOLIN – NEW! – 2019

I’m a fan of Bob Dylan’s music, especially the folk-sounding stuff. There are bands out there such as Manfred Mann’s Earth Band that have taken certain Dylan songs and, in my opinion, turned out a better, happier-sounding recording than old Bob. I’m not knocking Bob, just noticing what other talented folks have been able to do with his immense song-writing skills. This arrangement is introduced with a BANJO INTRO and the Banjo then backs up and plays fill-in licks here and there for the rest of the tune. The mandolin is featured in the Vocal & Rhythm tracks. There are a few mandolin fill-in licks, but a fairly decent straight out MANDOLIN SOLO at the end… This arrangement prints 17 pages, so please check your paper and ink/toner supply BEFORE committing to print this monster out! Tom – 12/29/2019

  1. You Angel You – Bob Dylan (Performed by the Manfred Mann Earth Band)

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