Austin Electric Banj-itar Conversion Project – NEW! – 2019

I saw a brand new Austin electric guitar (6-string) in Telecaster form and white at Music Makers in Farmington, Mo. I bought it for $199, added a $10 fifth string peg and “Voila!”, a 5-String, Electric Banjitar! The store owner, Landon Wisdom was dying to get involved in this little project, so he ‘cut’ the neck per my markings with a hand held electric jig saw (we started with a non-electric hand saw, then switched to electric as the hand saw was taking far too long to cut the exceptionally hard Maple neck)… I drilled out the 5th string peg hole and added the peg. I had left the original strings on it (light gauge .009s) and added one .009 for the 5th string to close the deal. My gal wanted to get involved, so she added a music store logo that she created with her ‘Cricut’ program and decal-making tool. I love the looks of this electric banjitar, but wish it sounded more like an acoustic banjo. It sounds like an electric guitar on ‘clean’. But, it’s cool and fun to talk about. Total cost to make it = $215.




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