“John PRINE” – COLLECT. – 2020 – PREMIUM

John Prine Collection…

17 Fairly easy to play arrangements, mostly in G, sometimes in C, arranged for the standard, G-tuned, 5-String Banjo… See list below for included tunes. You will receive (by e-mail), a Tabledit file (TEF) and a PDF for each listed tune.


  1. “Angel from Montgomery”
  2. “Christmas in Prison”
  3. “Dear Abby”
  4. “Donald & Lydia”
  5. “Fish & Whistle”
  6. “Grandpa was a Carpenter”
  7. “Hello in There”
  8. “Illegal Smile”
  9. “Iron Ore Betty”
  10. “It’s A Big Old Goofy World”
  11. “Paradise”
  12. “Please Don’t Bury Me”
  13. “Sam Stone”
  14. “Souvenirs”
  15. “Spanish Pipe-Dream”
  16. “That’s How Every Empire Falls”
  17. “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore”

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