“Let Him Go On Mama” – John Hartford – NEW! – 2019

I haven’t done anything on John Hartford in quite awhile, so tonight I am beginning a new arrangement by starting with a chord-lyrics sheet. The arrangement will be in G.

I just posted a minor change to the tag ending to make it more Hartford-like… I’m happy with the result… I got to see John play at Six Flags once in the amphi-theatre with my daughter, Jennifer. We both greatly enjoyed the show.  Then I got to see him several times in the late 1990s and early 2000, before he passed… He always played the Calvin Opera house in Washington, MO. Wish I could re-live those days! Enjoy the tab…

BanjoTom2, 5/10/2019

  1. Let Him Go On Mama – John Hartford – NEW! – 2019 (Added 5/10/2019)

Jennifr - Chck and Me - June 2013 - RGHT - SMLR

Me (BanjoTom2), Jennifer and her favorite chicken!

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