“Moving Voice Chord Progressions” – NEW! – 2018-2019

Moving Voice Chord Progressions are progressions that have a single voice in a given chord that progressively moves upward or downward or both. The chords can have ‘slash chord’ names such as G/G, where ‘G’ is the lowest note in the chord and is also the ‘voice’ that is moving upward or downward or they can have names like G7/F, where the moving voice is also changing the type of chord. These types of chord progressions typically have an ‘easy-going’ or ‘laid-back’ feel to them.

  1. Progression #1 – in am – Downward-Moving Voice
  2. Progression #2 – in G – Downward-Moving Voice
  3. Progression #3 – in G – Upward AND Downward-Moving Voice (UPDATED)
  4. Progression #4 – in C – Downward-Moving Voice – (NEW)

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